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Emerging victorious from the misty mountains of UCSC with a Fine Art degree,
Angeline promptly began cultivating a passion for marketing design. She had the
pleasure of interning as a designer for esteemed local icons, High Speed Productions,
the creative powerhouse behind Juxtapoz art & culture and Thrasher skate
magazines, as well as at renowned art galleries, White Walls & Shooting Gallery

Her career began from there with pre-press design at both Label Art of California
and SF screen print shop, Camputee Press. Concurrently, a collaboration with HGMNY
 blossomed into a six-year tenure as their resident Designer.

She transitioned to marketing and design with Primal Pet Foods, where she earned
the company's first in-house design role. From there, she honed her skills as a Visual
Designer I & II at Designerds, where she collaborated with top global brands like
Twitter, Amazon Blink, AirBnb, Cash App, and Walmart.

Most recently, she crafted immersive brand experiences for over 70 healthcare
brands as Senior Brand Designer at Nuvolum, where she helped build and lead the
Creative Team.

Beyond work, Angeline joys in interior design, DIY projects, and creating immersive art spaces with Cathartic Productions.

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