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After graduating college, Angeline was blessed to work with some of her biggest icons.
An internship with High Speed Productions,– parent-company to periodical legends Juxtapoz art
& culture and Thrasher skate magazines –, kicked things off. From there, another design internship with then-renowned art galleries, White Walls, Shooting Gallery, and 941 Geary, soon followed, introducing her to her passion for event, brand, and product marketing design in the process.

She wrapped up her first year as a graduate doing pre-press graphic design at Label Art 
& Camputee Press. During this time, she designed her very first flyer for HGMNY Music, and the relationship blossomed, culminating in her serving as their resident designer for the next 6 years.

As she graduated from intern and part-time creative, she began as marketing assistant & CSR with Primal Pet Foods. Hired on with the ultimate goal of carving out the company's first full-time in-house design role as she learned from the marketing director, she eventually realized this dream and, after rolling out of CS to become a full-time marketing assistant, finally donned her title as Primal's first ever jr. designer & production artist.

Angeline moved on to serve as a visual designer II with Designerds, a creative agency where she worked with top global brands, the likes of Twitter, Amazon Blink, AirBnb, Afterpay, Cash App, Walmart, and more, to create high quality competitive deliverables for the consumer marketplace. Most recently, she lead the creative team as the Senior Brand Designer at Nuvolum,
a marketing and PR agency in San Francisco serving over 70 (mostly healthcare/OMS) brands.


In her free time, Angie is a hula hoop loving, skating, hiking, interior designing, DIY-enthusiast who joys in spending time with her husband and two cats. She also occasionally helps design and build immersive spaces for arts events with Cathartic Productions.

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