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Broken Compass & The Sparkle Donkey Village

When I first ventured onto the infamous, bone-white, dust of the "playa" in Black Rock City, I found myself camped, for the most-part, with fellow (then-)undergrads of my class at UCSC. We began then as an admittedly budding-but-rag-tag, precocious, young camp called Lazer Maze. However, we quickly discovered a burning need to bring more to the epic, glittering, DIY metropolis of bizarre creators and active participants that comprises BRC, whose attendees so often lovingly refer to it as 'home'.

Thankfully, the bud of curiosity and enthusiasm that so began in this incubator-hub quickly blossomed into a full blown and firey romance of experience, participation, creation, and newfound creative identity for a surprising many of us. This synergistic momentum continues to fan the flames expanding our camp's conceptual applications and surrounding village today. The more seminars, activities, and environments we provide for users to play with, the more we get to play with how best to get involved, making and connecting in new ways to our favorite things and people.

This camp,- which for a time, became First Kiss Cafe, before reaching its present ideation as camp Broken Compass -, and our greater community within the Sparkle Donkey Village, has changed my life not only as a designer, but as a person, by giving me unprecedented access to a different kind of community, one replete with creative exposure, inspiration, and vast connection. The combination has resulted for me in creating a profound sense of creative agency. It is something that personally rewards and drives me to elevate the quality of how I connect to my audience with each marketing and design communication today.

A logo I designed for Broken Compass.

My coin design for spin-off project from Sparkle Donkey Village, the Adventure Vending Machine.

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