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Cathartic Productions: Playful and Aesthetic Interactive Spaces

Updated: Jan 7, 2018

When I am not marketing at my 9-5, or doing freelance design and art commissions, I am with fellow crew members of event production crew, Cathartic Productions, and/or our Burning Man camp, Broken Compass (more on that later), dreaming up and fabricating temporary, modular, aesthetic, and functional elements for use producing public and private events. This has included so far the likes of bars, lounges, pallet swings, jungle gyms, and other durable structures, sculptures, and atmospheres.

Family photo in our main room suspension-art lounge and chill area is too cute NOT to share

Frontal view

Aesthetic elements for the theme of this Tupperware party. I designed and painted the CNC'd wood hands.

One of the hand-displays in action (left) as event guests sit, attentively watching an act on stage.

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